“We exist to break barriers and to enrich people’s businesses and personal lives.
Our mission is to make every connection matter, disrupt what’s normal,
catapult your business and create a new future.”
-Likky Lavji- President, Dante Group.

You need Practical Solutions
That Solve Real World Business Challenges

Free Webinar

Learn how to ‘Make Every Connection Matter’ and attract endless referrals without feeling awkward, inauthentic or alienating your network.
In this free webinar, you’ll learn how to build trustworthy relationships and generate a steady stream of new business opportunities without being
“That Pushy Salesguy” or “Ms. Self-Conscious” at your next networking event.

Make Every Connection Matter
Sales System for Success

Easily attract referrals and grow your network without feeling awkward, fake or salesy. Qualified warm leads are pure gold. We all know we can attract new business with networking, but it can often seem awkward or fake.  Referral marketing expert Likky Lavji will help you maximize the value of every connection and attract as much business as you like.

Networking Toolkit

The Networking Toolkit  will help you build relationships for your life and business. It will also help you to network without feeling awkward or inauthentic.

Strategic Roadmap

This roadmap will give you a crystal clear vision on what is transpiring inside your company and where you could
be headed.

Connect with Dante

Feel free to reach out to us and share your insights on what you are dealing with in your business, we will be happy
to chat.

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