Building Strong Relationships with Clients

Like companies in many other industries, managed service providers should never focus on quick sales. Success comes from building lasting connections with clients and working with them for many months or years. Each client has different needs and expectations, which is why you need to create a tailored experience that perfectly suits each one.


Effective Ways to Build Client Trust

The term “customer relations” may seem a bit nebulous, but it’s actually a concrete concept that can be addressed through a series of small and practical tasks. There are plenty of ways for you to reach out to your clients and make a positive impression.

  1. Be Responsible

Never make excuses or blame the client for your mistake. Take responsibility for it and find a solution that fully resolves the issue. Showing vulnerability won’t scare clients away. In fact, it can open up a great opportunity to forge an even stronger connection with them.

  1. Take Personal Interest

Take some time during the initial meetings to learn more about your client’s interests, like hobbies and favorite foods. This information can be invaluable when sending small gifts or conversing with clients in the future. It shows that you care about them and see them as an individual rather than just another customer.

  1. Do Your Homework

Before you walk into your first meeting with a client, you should have a functional understanding of their service offering and clientele. This allows you to skip some of the introductory conversation and start talking about the real value your services have for their organization. It also shows that you are well-informed and have a clear understanding of their objectives.

  1. Provide Value

Not every interaction with clients is an equal exchange. Giving your customers something of value, like a good referral or useful information, builds trust and only takes a little bit of effort on your part. Adding these extra “bonuses” without asking for anything in return demonstrates your commitment and interest in their success.

Resources for Customer Relationship Management

As a business consulting firm, Dante Group helps clients take control of their company’s future through effective and detailed management strategies. We work with your organization to implement policies and procedures that produce tangible results. Effective customer relationship management tactics require foresight, objective analysis, and thorough planning, which is why we developed a comprehensive guide to help you along the way.

You can find a number of helpful tips, guidelines, and other tools in our booklet, which is available upon request by emailing We look forward to the opportunity to provide insight and advice to help you build positive, trust-based relations with your customers.