Effective Strategies for Integrating New Employees

Business managers are often faced with the task of finding qualified people to fill essential roles in their organization. Whether you have to fill a vacant position left by a departing employee or need more personnel to accommodate recent growth, there is a lot more to the process than simply saying “welcome aboard.”

You can’t expect new employees to adjust to the culture of a new workplace, learn about their key responsibilities, and connect with coworkers in a matter of hours. Employee onboarding is one of the most challenging processes for any business, but doing it right can yield huge rewards. That’s why it’s well worth the effort to adopt a detailed and strategic procedure before adding new members to the team.

Make the Most Out of Their First Day

The first day at a new job can be overwhelming for anyone. Fresh hires must memorize company policies, figure out the duties of other team members and get their bearings in an unfamiliar environment. While there are many ways to make the integration process easier and more effective, there are a few essential things that every new worker should receive:

  1. Written Material

No matter how qualified someone is for the technical aspects of their position, they also need to understand the specific values and rules of the workplace to become fully-functioning employees. Provide them with a company value statement, employee handbook and other key literature on their first day so they can reference them as needed.

  1. A Full Tour

You can help new employees adjust to their new environment by providing a full tour of the space and introducing them to current team members. This is also a good opportunity to point out safety features, including emergency exits and fire extinguishers, as well as policies regarding kitchen appliances, restroom facilities, and parking.

  1. Assigned Help

Assign some of the experienced employees to assist in the integration process for the first few weeks. Encourage the new employee to turn to them when they have questions. This not only provides them with a valuable learning resource, it also breaks the ice and facilitates communication between team members.

Use a Proven Onboarding Toolkit

These simple tips are just a few of the procedures required of a comprehensive employee integration plan. As a business consulting company, Dante Group has developed several useful resources to streamline the incorporation of new employees into the workplace. You can request a complete copy of the booklet, including checklists and process guidelines, by sending an email to success@dantegroup.ca.