You Get What You Give: Transform Your Life & Business

How ‘The Go-Giver’ Mentality Transforms Lives and Businesses

No amount of technology, information or innovative management strategy can make you into a success. These are important resources for business owners, but even companies that have all of these things can struggle to maintain the growth they need to reach their potential.

After spending decades running and building businesses of my own, I can say with certainty that mentality matters more than you might think. Shifting your mindset from “getting” to “giving” might be the single most important process in your life. This change requires a fundamental rethinking and reshaping of your identity on a professional and personal level.

What Exactly is a Go-Giver?

You’ve probably heard people described as being a “real go getter” more than once in your life. Usually, this phrase is used to describe people who are motivated and work hard to pursue ambitious goals they set for themselves. There is only one key difference between a “go getter” and “go giver”: they focus on the needs of others rather than self.

The Go-Giver philosophy is based on several simple truths that virtually all successful business leaders follow. The tenets of this system are detailed in Bob Burg’s and John David Mann’s book The Go-Giver, which lays out essential business principles in the format of a simple story that follows a character named Joe.

 Bob’s Five Laws of Stratospheric Success

In his book, Bob and John discuss five laws that business leaders should follow in order to reach the heights of success. They are simple to understand, but require real thought, action and desire to put into practice.

1. Value: The value of a product or service is equal to the difference between the cost and the worth to the end user. If a service costs $100 and saves the client $300, then it provides a value of $200.

2. Compensation: Your income is a function of the number of people you serve and the quality of your service. The best way to increase total compensation is to steadily increase both numbers.

3. Influence: A person’s influence represents their impact on people around them, which is directly determined by how often they place the interests of others before their own.

4. Authenticity: It doesn’t matter whether you are in a professional or personal setting, you as a person are the most valuable thing you have to offer. There’s no substitute for authenticity, so you should always be honest and genuine with others.

5. Receptivity: People who naturally seek to serve others often struggle with the final law, because it means they have to accept the gifts of others. Giving and receiving are mutual processes that exist together. Part of being a go giver is knowing how to receive as well.

 Incorporating Giving Principles Into Your Business Practices

As a speaker and coach of The Go-Giver methodology, I help Dante Group’s clients understand and apply these principles in their companies. It’s truly amazing what can happen when a business starts following the laws of giving and learns how to prioritize the interests of others over their own.

As a management consultancy, the practical implementation of abstract concepts and ideas is one of the most important services that we offer. We understand that turning words into actions isn’t just a matter of rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty. This process requires critical thinking, experience and an intimate understanding of human nature.

We help our clients give physical form to their ideas and create a real, tangible framework that they can use as a foundation to build their dream. Following the laws of giving isn’t just about reaping financial rewards, they also help you find a professional path that is personally gratifying and fosters genuine satisfaction in your own life.