8 Rules of Networking Made Easy

This article was originally published on likkylavji.com

Getting sales doesn’t come easy for most, unless you have a killer line of products that everyone desires and it’s a must have. Networking, building relationships and following through and following up with your connections are the things that will drive your business.

Networking involves a lot of time, but it can also be rewarding. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who share similar ambitions can prove to be beneficial.

Here are some basic components to networking:

1- Share
Share your ideas and knowledge.

2- Don’t be afraid
Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback or discuss your point of view.

3- Be open
Be open to seeing and hearing conversations from a different perspective.

4- Remember
Remember it’s not about you gaining exposure, but more about building connections.

5- Make the right impression
Be genuine and authentic. Making an impression on someone may lead them to introduce you to someone else that matches your business or has a need for using your services

6- Be the influencer
Networking is not a oneway street. Share your network with others who may benefit from each other’s services.

7- Network regularly.
When you network regularly; it builds your confidence and pushes you to talk to people you don’t know. You never know what could turn up in a conversation.

8- Be visible and attend regularly.
The more exposure you have the more you will be recognized. You will get more leads and referrals when you become a familiar face to people.

(Author: Sam Lavji)