Our Team

Likky Lavji

Founder and Keynote Speaker

Likky Lavji has been praised by National Best Selling author of “The Go Giver” series book and Fortune 500 Company Coach: Bob Burg, as “bringing exceptional value and true transformation to his clients!”

He has also been recognized by large corporations such as Lenovo Canada and Ingram Micro for his ability to connect with his audience, and disrupting people’s status-quo way of thinking and operating.

Likky has taught all spectrums of businesses: multi-million-dollar companies to mid-level organizations on how to build value relationships, set goals/vision, how to effectively communicate and execute it all. As a result, employees achieve success, customer loyalty is developed, and growth of the business is achieved.

His approach in doing business is simple: “Make Every Connection Matter”

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Conrad Kloc

Speaker and Trainer

Conrad Kloc is a personal and professional development speaker and trainer. He was a Seminar Leader for Landmark Education where he led personal development seminars to thousands of attendances over the years.

Conrad has helped a wide range of companies develop thriving cultures and effective systems. His approach of outcome-based solution implementation cuts through to the heart of what is needed for success. Well organized companies focused on a single vision will produced remarkable results.

Conrad has taught all levels of management and employees’ tools on effective communication, clarity, outcome based thinking, time management, integrity and accountability. This development of managers and employees resulted in increased job satisfaction and company targets achievement.

His approach is simple: “You can have any result you want, if that is what you are actually working on and have a plan to achieve it.”

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Sam Lavji

Success Navigator

Sam has extensive education and background in business and marketing and helps execute behind the scenes strategies for accelerating Dante’s clients.   She creates the marketing content to help entrepreneurs and people become educated on how to take their business to their next level of success.

Sam has completed: Landmark Forum, Landmark Advanced Program, Landmark Communication and Bob Burg’s Go Givers Academy Workshop.

I truly believe the “more you bring in value to  your customers the better relationships you will build together”.

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Lorena Badan

Success Navigator

Lorena Badan is a communications professional, passionate about writing, languages, technology and productivity.

Lorena has helped crazy inspiring executives and entrepreneurs to implement a variety of projects including marketing campaigns and automation, CRM implementation, web, events coordination and social media management. She has always been involved in the development and implementation of processes to reduce chaos within the organizations.

When she is not busy with Dante’s activities, she works as an Interpreter (Spanish-English) and has a side venture to help connect Canadian farm employers with foreign workers in an aim to reduce the devastating consequences of illegal immigration for individuals and nations.

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Emilia Arespacochaga

Success Navigator

Emilia is a committed virtual professional who takes pleasure in the challenge of learning new software or applications and as technology changes, adopt and embrace new skills. She can manage every aspect of an online business from customer support management, social media management and can also write original blog content.

Focused on strategic projects and helping to build successful, effective teams that are motivated and goal-oriented.