Workshops – Sessions – Webinars

Dante Group offers customized in-company workshops, sessions and webinars for individuals, employees or leadership teams who are looking to address a diversity of business challenges and issues:

  • EOS Webinars
  • Elevate customer service
  • Growth sales
  • Networking
  • Redefine the company’s purpose, vision and why
  • Define core processes and goals
  • Organizational culture:
    • Improve communication and appreciation among individuals to achieve a happy and successful workplace.
    • Proper ways to address tension among leadership teams and employees.

Do you know what “Catapult your Business” is about?

We get it!! Been there, have had multiple companies of our own and have worked with hundreds of others where every intention is to make a difference and you’re almost there. Our Approach will help you Catapult your business in 7 easy steps. Join our Webinar.

Do you know where your organization is at?

Get a diagnosis into the health of your organization with our Company Scorecard Survey. This survey will give you a crystal clear vision on what is transpiring inside your company and where you could be headed.